CedarHouse Policies & FAQ

Here you will find many of our frequently asked questions and our important policies at CedarHouse Hair Studio. Please read these over and make sure that you agree and understand before booking with one of our stylists. Please don't hesitate to reach out of you have any other questions or concerns.

What does Independent stylists mean?

All of our stylists are independent, meaning they all run their own individual business. This means that all communication, transactions, appointment, services, etc. are run directly through your personal stylist. 


Who am I contacting with the salon phone/ email?

The salon contact email and phone number ( which is text only) goes directly to the salon owner Catherine. Although Catherine is the owner of the salon, she can really only help with general questions since each stylist books their own appointments. 


I called the phone number listed and haven't received a call back yet.

We do not have a receptionist at the salon since everyone books their own appointments individually. If you call the phone number listed and do not leave a voicemail, you will not be getting a call back due to a very high amount of spam calls that the business receives. If you leave a voicemail, then please expect a text message back in return. Due to no receptionist, we are usually busy working on clients and will get back to you with a text as soon as we can, please be patient!


How do I reach my stylist?

The best way to get in contact is to click your stylists name under the "BOOK ONLINE" button at the top of our website. There you should be able to find their best way of contact as well as view their individual pricing and availability. 


What is your cancellation/ no show policy?

Please check with your individual stylist for their personal policy. At minimum the salon policy is notice must be given no later than 24 hours before hand otherwise minimum 50% of services booked will be charged. Individual stylists policies may be more strict than this so please check their policies before cancelling an appointment.


Do you offer refunds?

In the rare event that a client is not satisfied with their hair, we offer an adjustment to the existing style at no charge. If wanting an entirely different color, cut, or stylist than the original then you will have to pay for new services. If it comes down to your stylist authorizing a refund once all other options have been exhausted, then you will no longer be able to be a client at CedarHouse Hair Studio again.


How do I find the right stylist for me?

All of our stylists are very talented and can perform most services. I suggest checking out each stylists instagram, pricing, and availability to find the right fit for you! You can find all of these things from the stylist bio pages. 


Can I return a product I bought?

Products can be returned within 30 days of purchase, as long as the product is still half full.


Let's Work Together

We Are Hiring!

Looking for a new comfortable environment for your clients? We now have openings for part|full time stylists! 


Please send Resume and social media to hello@catherineloveshair.com